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Warm Air and Radiant Heating Systems

Warm Air Heaters ...

This unit offers efficient and cost effective heating, cooling and ventilation for industrial and commercial properties. A full range of controls and ducting options provides total system flexibility to suit all outside temperature conditions.

Powrmatic nv industrial heater

Powrmatic NVx Gas Unit Heaters

• Efficient and effective climate control

• Complete system flexibility

• Available in freeblowing or suitable for ducted air

• Mounted horizontally can be used for downflow

• Output range 10KW to 140KW

• New for 2013 - the NVS condensing range



Cabinet Units ...

These indirect gas or oil-fired air heaters are fitted with resiliently mounted fan and motor assemblies. they are available with a range of oil or gas fired burners.

Powrmatic industrial cabinet heater

Powrmatic CPx units

• Indirect oil or gas fired heater

• Natural Gas or Propane

• Free blowing or ducted applications

• Summer ventilation facility

• Full operating controls

• Output range 30KW to 590KW

• Weatherproofed version available

• Heat exchanger warranted for 10 years

• Fuel efficient and low carbon emission

• Floor mounted or horizontally suspended options



Tube Heaters ...

This range of gas fired radiant tube heaters provides direct warmth for any industrial or retail application where localised heating is required.

Powrmatic industrial radiant tube heating

Powrmatic PRT radiant tube units

• Heat treated aluminised emitter tubes

• Six heat outputs from 15kW to 47 kW

• U tube or linear tube configurations

• Lightweight for ease of installation

• Natural Gas, Propane or Butane

• New for 2013 - Radiant Plaque Heater available



VP Cabinet Units ...

This range of cabinet heater offers a unique alternative to warm air heating products. The innovative design uses the extensively proven nv burner and tubular heat exchanger technology, combined with the powrmaster air rotation system The result is a highly efficient product, offering unrivalled heat distribution.

Powrmatic industrial VP cabinet heater

Powrmatic VPC cabinet units

• Floor standing, fanned air heaters

• Natural Gas or Propane

• In-built controls

• Low noise

• Simple maintenance

• Heat exchanger warranted for 10 years

• Cost effective heating

• Wide output range, 5 models -30KW to 130KW






Heat Recovery Units ...

Extremely effective in any high roofed buiding where temperature stratification occurs. This heat recovering thermal econimiser is easy to install and economical to run.

Powrmatic industrial heat recovery unit

Powrmatic CEC heat recovery units

• Heat recovery unit

• Easy to install

• Minimal maintenance

• Low running costs